About Us

The Company

Ubuturo Real Estate Solutions is a real estate platform that specializes in connecting property developers and agencies across the African continent, to an exclusive market worldwide. “Ubuturo” is a Rwandese word, which simply means, a Sanctuary or Dwelling place. That’s exactly who we are at Ubuturo, a sanctuary where your prized estate gets to be showcased to premium markets on the international stage, through our Partners.
Technological Advantage
At Ubuturo we have a unique technology advantage. We have a core tech team with years of experience. Our technology goal is simple – to make the best real estate listing portal for the African Market.
Mission and Vision
Our Mission is to bridge the gap between the African Real Estate market as an emerging investment attraction, to investor markets, internally and overseas, and showcasing Africa as an undeniable emerging market. Our Vision is to be the go-to Real Estate platform on the African Continent.

Leadership Team

Our Core Team at Ubuturo is Ronnie Kamara and Matthew Knighton.

Ronnie Kamara

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Ronnie has a wide ranging International background. Born in Uganda, he received his early education in Kenya, then continuing in Uganda, and later on pursuing further studies in London UK. A few years later he moved to the USA, where he worked in the Insurance business, before he migrated back to Africa, managing a manufacturing company based out of Burundi.

Currently residing in Kampala,  Ronnie, is an avid IT enthusiast and serial Entrepreneur. His global background and regional experience in the East, Central and Southern Africa region, is of immense value at Ubuturo.

Matthew Knighton

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Born in England and raised in Australia, Matthew Knighton received his early education in Sydney. After completing his schooling, he jumped into the finance world as a Business Analyst on a large corporate merge of FAI Life Insurance and Tower Life Insurance.

Matthew then moved into actuaries and the administration of managed funds and corporate investing. This was focused on endowment funds, pensions and superannuation for dual citizens of the UK and Australia. He then moved onto Commonwealth Bank and JP Morgan for custodian banking services. It was at this time that Matthew began focusing on technology solutions for banking organisations.

He has since founded multiple companies, consulted for multi-national real estate firms. His knowledge and experience across various industries and digital transformation projects makes him the chief pilot for the Ubuturo technology platform.


ListingCo is a leading platform in the Real Estate industry’s digital revolution. This revolutionary marketing site has been tailored to global developers’ needs that focus on the Asian market and it’s cultural business practices. It fulfills the mission of bringing marketplace participants together into one place, with its transparency, easy access and simple set of tools, for successful global Real Estate transactions. Listing Co provides global businesses with the world’s first integrated marketing platform designed specifically to create, measure and optimize their digital presence in China and the Asian marketplace.

By streamlining the property listing, advertising, marketing processes, we’ve developed extensive integration capabilities and a solid international business model with significant growth opportunities. Our exclusivity with the JD.com platform is the first of our secured partnerships with marketplace leaders around the globe.
Scheduled to go live Q2 2021, it is the first of ListingCo’s many ventures with international partnerships.

Ubuturo International is the Exclusive Listings Partner for ListingCo and JD.com, in Africa.

JD.com is China’s largest e-commerce company (by revenue). It is a member of the Fortune Global 500 and a major competitor to Alibaba. Today, it provides over 480 million active customers with direct access to an unrivalled range of authentic, high-quality products and boasts a local real estate platform that welcomes over 50,000 prospective investors per day.

Its unrivalled nationwide fulfillment network covers 99% of China’s population and provides standard same-and next-day delivery – a level of service and speed that is unmatched globally.

In 2015, JD launched JD Worldwide offering international merchants and brands the ability to access the Chinese market without a physical presence in China. JD Worldwide is a cross-boarder platform connecting over 20,000+ Global Brands from 70+ countries and, over 10 million SKUs.

In 2021, JD partnered with ListingCo to launch its new Global Real estate portal to its 480 million active users.
The exclusive collaboration with ListingCo will launch the JD Global Real estate portal, which offers an international property inventory to all investors. Scheduled to go live Q2, 2021 – it is the first of ListingCo’s many ventures with international partnerships.

ListingCo is an Exclusive Partner to JD.com


Ubuturo’s partnership with ListingCo and JD.Com offers you unparalleled and unrivalled solutions, to both Investors looking for Real Estate in Africa, and Developers and Agencies looking for quality and assured markets.

B2B And B2C Market Solutions

Connecting African real estate to Chinese buyers. Access to the exclusive jd.com global real estate platform, an online marketplace that facilitates international property consumer lead generation.

Close The Loop With Leads

Building long-term repeat engagement with investors. Monitor the entire investors’ journey and touchpoints, connecting them with the right partners to complete their investment journey.

Market Audit, Strategy & Analysis

Market research, audit, developing tailored marketing strategies and identify your SWOT, What is your market and Who are your customers in China? We will also provide analysis and reporting on your projects.

Exclusive Real Estate Platform

Through our technology-enabled online property advertising platform, we deliver property marketing solutions for residential and new development properties, plus the latest market intel that attracts qualified buyers and investors to your projects and listings.

Single View Data Visualization

Consolidate data silos to create live and tailored dashboards to demonstrate strategic KPI’s and benchmark to key stakeholders.

WeChat Lead Generation

Use WeChat to promote your brand, projects and services in China and build a strong social media strategy. Setup campaign, join and manage group to share information about your company, projects and get leads.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Optimise your social media marketing tool and gain website traffic via social media in China. WeChat, Weibo, Douyin/ TikTok and a variety of Chinese social media platforms are a great way to boost your visibility and sales in China.

Prescriptive Analysis

Predicting when investors will change from passively reviewing to actively enquiring. Understand what they will likely purchase and when, allowing a proactive engagement with investors.

Ubuturo International Limited is part of MRK Development Pty, an Australian Technology company.


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